Get Geek'ed out on Numbers

Reporting dashboards allow business owners to stay in control of their business’ performance. They’re reporting and analytics tools that monitor, track, and analyze your business numbers, giving you the power to make informed decisions.

Our distillery reporting and analytics software has the following:

  • Operational Dashboard
  • Warehousing Dashboard
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Inventory Overview

Dive deep into your numbers with transactional reports.

Every transaction in your account produces valuable numbers giving you daily insights on what's truly going on in your business.

Generate transactional reports in all areas of your distillery's business including materials used in production, produced spirits, vessel utilization, spirits received into storage, spirits loss or destroyed, packaging run summary, inventory cost summary and product bottled and sold. These are just a few of the 37 detailed reports we offer to put you into the know.

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Excise Tax and Federal Reporting

Our distillery reporting and analytics software helps you maintain federal. Our reporting and analytics tool can also help you get your reporting done accurately and on time.

We provide federal automated reporting for our distillery friends in the United States, Canada and Australia. This includes TTB monthly reports for production, storage and processing, the CRA Spirits & Warehouse forms and the ATO Excise return form. All federal forms are auto-populated with PDF document generate options. Specially developed for our US clients we provide a one-click direct-save option.

Federal Reporting

Federal regulated reporting for the TTB, CRA and the ATO forms.

Compliance Assistance

Got a burning question? We provide TTB Compliance assistance.

Audit Support

All US clients of HoochWare receive full audit support.

Superior Support

Receive dedicated quality support when you need it most.