What's HoochWare?

HoochWare® is a state of the art solution developed to simplify day to day distillery operations while keeping your distillery in compliance with the TTB. It is an all in one distillery management solution dedicated to solving common compliance obstacles all the while offering a convenient approach to managing day to day operations.

Why HoochWare

We have an answer to the biggest problems that all distilleries face: record keeping, inventory management, and TTB reporting. Your distillery’s management team deserves state of the art distillery management solutions--not primitive spreadsheets and outdated booking software! HoochWare® eliminates the frustration that comes with all the necessary government compliance regulations. You get a one stop solution for managing your distillery. Learn More About Features

Record Keeping

Prevent common compliance issues from occurring and manage all of your general record keeping with a simple and easy to use solution. HoochWare gives you the tools to:

  • Manage daily records of operations
  • Monitor inventory records
  • Oversee distiller’s operations reports
  • Save TTB reports to pay.gov with a single click

Inventory Management

Keep yourself in compliance with the right inventory management solution. HoochWare was developed to align all of your inventory reports.

  • Supervise accurate monthly inventory
  • Maintain detailed inventory records
  • Provide meticulous records to TTB auditors
  • Report shortages or losses effectively

Reporting Simplified

Rid yourself of the agony of creating complicated reports. HoochWare’s all in one management solution will assure you:

  • Maintained bills of landing
  • Storage of complete summary records
  • Up to date inventory records
  • Accurate explanations of shortages

Client Testimonials

McLaughlin Distillery Logo

HoochWare has been my saving grace! As a startup distillery, I am pulled into many different directions at all times. Before I was introduced to Shawn, I was handling inventory management and record keeping by hand. Something that had previously taken half of my day now takes minutes to accomplish. I was skeptical at first about my ability to easily navigate and manage the software properly; I am of an older generation. But after speaking with Shawn and a few step-by-step processes, I have found HoochWare to be almost effortless. Shawn and the staff are also a huge part my success. They are very straightforward, accommodating and efficient when I have questions that need to be answered right away. The attention to detail HoochWare offers is proficient and helps to prevent compliance mistakes. . Having the compiled data at my fingertips takes the grueling part of the Distillery business and makes it enjoyable. I now have time to invest my attention where it needs to be. I cannot thank HoochWare enough for simplifying my daily routine.

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