Production Management

Stop planning and start delegating! Production management makes it simple for everyone working in your distillery to communicate. A visual guide to what's cooking streamlines the entire process from grain to bottle.

Batch Details

All batch details in one place
View metrics & history of batch
Know the age of each batch stage
Keep track of every batch process

Batch Metrics

Record Metrics at any time during the batch
Review previous batch metrics
Auto-calculated true proof
Various units of measure accepted

Recipe Creation

Create custom recipes
Estimate OG, FG & ABV
Auto-calulate batch volume
Pre-filter barrel requirement


Record every transfer
Transfer In & Out of DSP
Required true proof calculations
Transfer based on weight or volume

Get rid of your amateure solutions to complex TTB reporting. Spreadsheets and binders are no longer necessary. HoochWare’s TTB reporting feature will use your daily operations to process your complicated TTB reports.

Our proven solution makes complicated DSP compliance reporting a thing of the past. Managing batch metrics has never been easier. Input detail batch records and batch metrics and HoochWare will generate all the necessary reports.

Use the foundation of your craft--your recipe--to control all the workings of your distillery! Input your recipe into our software, and let our powerful solution do the rest. Each time you use a recipe to create a batch, our system adjusts your inventory to compensate what you used.