Barrel Management

Charcoaled and aged to perfection, barrels play an integral role in crafting your spirits. HoochWare simplifies managing the filling, storing, and tracking of your barrels. Your attention should be directed toward how your barrels contribute to your craft whiskey’s taste, not on finding barrels in a warehouse. HoochWare’s barrel management solution makes modern distilling manageable.

Track progress

Track every barrel
Auto-age calculation
Estimate value
Filter by rickhouse


Harvest an enire batch group
Harvest a few selected
Auto loss calculations
Estimated angel's share

Third Feature

Fourth Feature

While the angles may be enjoying your product, calculating its loss is a bit difficult. With HoochWare, Angel Share Loss calculations occur automatically.

A clear look of what types of barrels are in your warehouse is an integral part of running a craft distillery. From storing, to filling, to aging, HoochWare makes it simple for everyone in your distillery to track the barrels.