Client Testimonials

Stumpy's Spirits Company Logo

Hoochware has streamlined our recordkeeping and daily management processes. The software is incredibly powerful and intuitive. TTB reporting used to take us the better part of a day and always involved piles of paper logs, Excel workbooks, and sometimes second guessing ourselves. All of that has been reduced to minutes with Hoochware’s ability to compile the required reporting and save it as a draft in our account. That’s just the reporting side of things. Hoochware also tracks inventory, gives our distributors a portal to order through, compiles and displays data in an easy-to-read fashion, and so much more. The bottom line is that Hoochware allows me to focus where I need to…making and selling hooch! As our small distillery grows, Hoochware will be an integral part of the team.

Great Wagon Road Distilling Co. Logo

Hoochware covers all the bases, from creating a batch from scratch to keeping tabs on your barrels. Recording every step in the process helps keeps me on top of the day to day tasks and encourages better practices within the distillery, and ultimately provides a one-stop portal to run the show from, improving efficiency and keeping us compliant with the TTB and ABC. Now I have more time to concentrate on the actual production side of the business whilst Hoochware ensures I spend the minimum of time on the paperwork. It’s a priceless tool!

Lassiter Distilling Company Logo

As a startup distillery, we struggled to find the right inventory management and record keeping solution. HoochWare offers a nice variety of tools at great rates to help keep us compliant and ensure we don't run out of important materials, so we can keep the still running and our rum flowing.

McLaughlin Distillery Logo

HoochWare has been my saving grace! As a startup distillery, I am pulled into many different directions at all times. Before I was introduced to Shawn, I was handling inventory management and record keeping by hand. Something that had previously taken half of my day now takes minutes to accomplish. I was skeptical at first about my ability to easily navigate and manage the software properly; I am of an older generation. But after speaking with Shawn and a few step-by-step processes, I have found HoochWare to be almost effortless. Shawn and the staff are also a huge part my success. They are very straightforward, accommodating and efficient when I have questions that need to be answered right away. The attention to detail HoochWare offers is proficient and helps to prevent compliance mistakes. . Having the compiled data at my fingertips takes the grueling part of the Distillery business and makes it enjoyable. I now have time to invest my attention where it needs to be. I cannot thank HoochWare enough for simplifying my daily routine.

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I used to dread filling our monthly federal reports. It would take hours to compile and prepare the data we had already spent hours recording. Even once they where finally submitted, that nagging worry that perhaps I did not file everything correctly, or I forgot to record some transaction, was a constant concern. Since migrating over to HoochWare I now spend drastically less time recording, preparing and submitting reports, and even more importantly, I now spend no time worrying that I might fail some audit in the future. Saving time might be worth money, but peace of mind is priceless and thankfully HoochWare is more than affordable even for a small distillery like mine!

Mingo Creek Craft Distillers Logo

As a start up craft distillery, I've got so many balls in the air that thinking about how I was going to handle data gathering and reporting was the last thing I had time for. I could tell from my first conversation with Shawn that he had a real passion for developing a solid, functional, and elegant solution for the distilling industry - Hoochware accomplishes that goal. As a professional system developer myself for 25 years, I really appreciate the attention to detail that is built into Hoochware. Shawn is incredibly responsive when I need support and he really listens to suggestions for product enhancements. Hoochware has saved me countless hours that I otherwise would have had to spend setting up a systems infrastructure for my new distillery. I can't even imagine how many hours Hoochware will save me and more imporantly, how many mistakes it will prevent going forward!